Maid Servant Driver Cook In India and world there is lot of differences

Domestic help in india 'DHI' is a premier human resource service company devoted to human resource management. we have years of experience in domestic and corporate recruiting. We match candidates with your business needs and culture to encourage retention. We are experienced to help you with appointments at all levels and across all sectors and disciplines. We are experts in the world of work We offer personalized services with the objective of meeting the requirements of our clients in a most efficient manner. We are committed to achieve maximum Customer satisfaction. DHI Mission is to serve the needs of corporate organization, individuals/company and business houses by providing them the most competent and resourceful candidates available for the development of their organizations. Founded on the principle that detailed attention to clients' needs is often overlooked in our industry.The Domestic Help in India was formed with a focus on exceptional personal service. Understanding that although each job title may be the same, we know each position is unique and our clients have specific needs and requirements of candidates.
The value that domestic help in india offers to both its employers and job seekers is in its ability to provide access to critical job and job seeker information through various technology platforms. By leveraging web and mobile technology, domestic help in india is able to scale and engage a wider audience creating greater efficiency for employers and having a social impact on job seekers.

Domestic help in India is a Gurgaon-based consultancy that uses the web and mobile technology to connect employers and employee formal / informal sector workers i.e. maid, cooks, drivers, office helper,Servant,Gardener,CoupleServantW&H,Receptionist, Machinist,Sales/Marketing,BPO/CallCenter,IT Professional

Finance,Accounts,Engineer ,Secretary,Front Office,HR, Admin, Media – Journalism,Skilled Labor – Trades,Unskilled Labor,Hospitality – Hotel,Restaurant -Food Service,Telecommunications etc.

Domestic help in india provides some of India’s finest homes with professional domestic service personnel. We understand the importance of high standards, privacy and ultimate discretion and enjoy an impeccable reputation for matching personnel with employer. We specialize in the placement of all levels of domestic staffing in homes and businesses throughout the India and abroad. Employers can conveniently browse job seeker profiles based on salary, location, languages, skills and references. domestichelpinindia offers several fee-based services to help in the matching and hiring of jobseekers.

Price list

Registration is free for employer and employee , this includes your profile being listed on this website, remember you dont have to purches full membership to be listed on our website. After the registration you may wish to purchase full membership

Full Membership for Emlpoyers(Online Registration all over India )
1000 Rs for 2 weeks
4000 Rs for 3 Months
7000 Rs for 6 Months
12000 Rs for 11 Months
In full membership plan includes
1. Employer can view full contact details of employees and call them directly (limited to 100 candidates Per Month)
2.Assistant search: we shortlist candidates that best match your needs and send for interview (You can visit our office for interview )(Limited to 20 candidates Per Month )
3.Candidates will call you (if you like to talk with them directly)optional (unlimited)
4.We will assist in police verification
5. These services are available only for those who Register online .Traditional plan is not include in this plan

We also work as a traditional Placement consultancy

Traditional Plan(1st)

1. We charge 16000 Rs + service tex 12.36% for 11 Months placement for maids/Nanny/cook/servant.

2.we will assist in police verification of candidates

3.If employee will leave you within agreement period we will provide another employee within 10 days

4.For 3 days trial we charge 1000 Rs advance(Optional)

Traditional Plan (2nd)
1.We charge One month gross salary with 2 months replacement guaranty for maids/Nanny/cook/servant.
Traditional Plan For Drivers appointment
1.We charge One month gross salary of Driver for 11 Months placement
2.We charge 15 days gross Salary for 2 months replacement guaranty.
for more details please mail us at

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Website :

Contact:Mr.Harish Kumar Insa 9560966767,9818694592,


Cheque : You can send a Cheque / Demand Draft (DD) Payable at par at Gurgaon or drop off the same to your closest Axis Bank Ltd ATM / Branch attached to a deposit slip with our account information mentioned below

For Bank Transfer (EFT/NEFT):

1. You can transfer payment (EFT/NEFT) to our Axis Bank Ltd account using the online banking interface of your account.

2.In Favor of Account Name: Domestic Help in India, Account No. -910020037085096 ,Branch - sector-14 gurgaon (HR) - IFS Code: UTIB0000056

Cash Payments:

Cash Payments can also be deposited in our Axis bank Ltd Account name: Domestic Help in India Account No. 910020037085096 at any Axis Bank Ltd. Branch.

In order for the Client to become a member of he or she must, besides meeting the above-mentioned general and specific conditions, pay a membership fee according to terms. The alteration from Client to Client – Member shall be executed within 12 (twelve) hours after the payment of the membership fee. The payment time is defined as the time of the fee’s charge on the account of If for any reason the membership is not activated within 7(seven) consecutive calendar days after the payment of the membership fee, the Client obtains the right to demand the return of the membership fee. Once paid & membership activated the membership fee is non-refundable.

Upon meeting general and specific conditions regulating the registration, the Client is provided with data authorization message (‘Authorization message’) in an e-mail sent to the mailbox which he or she provided during the registration. This message contains a password providing the Client’s access to the Account. It is necessary to use this password every time the Client logs into the system. The password can be changed in the administration section.


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