We are Leading Placement agency in Gurgaon for the placement of Domestic staff

We Have Registered Drivers, Maid's ,Au-pair,Nanny from all Over Delhi and NCR
We are Leading Placement agency in Gurgaon for the placement of Domestic staff
Chauffeurs Au-pair Cooks House Keeping Maids Nannies  Patient care Peon Caretakers Receptionist Office Staff 

All candidates are pre verified and with valid ID Proof & Police Verification

Our Candidates are screened, registered with us.

Background verification is carried out.

Police & Medical verification is also done on special request.

Avail our services feel happy & refer friends just like others have done.

Our Services are

One Junction For All Solutions

Domestic Services

House Maid’s / Cook / Cleaner / Driver / Ayahs / Nannies / Baby sitter / Patient Care taker / Elder care Taker / Governess / Home Nurses /

Domestic Help In India, or DHI is a premier human resource service company playing a connecting bridge amid the employers and the job seekers. The company is highly devoted towards making it possible for a talent to meet the needy. We provide the candidates with the employers and culture to encourage retention. The portal is not restricted to any particular category and it is open for people from all sectors and disciplines. Providing high quality and satisfaction is our utmost target and it can be easily browsed in the services provided by us.
We have years of experience in domestic and corporate recruiting. We are experienced to help you with appointments at all levels and across all sectors and disciplines. We are experts in the world of work   and offer personalized services with the objective of meeting the requirements of our clients in a most efficient manner. DHI Mission is to serve the needs of corporate organization, individuals/company and business houses by providing them the most competent and resourceful candidates available for the development of their organizations. The company was founded on the principle that detailed attention to clients' needs is often overlooked in our industry. The Domestic Help in India was formed with a focus on exceptional personal service. Understanding that although each job title may be the same, we know each position is unique and our clients have specific needs and requirements of candidates.
The value that Domestic Help in India offers to both its employers and job seekers is in its ability to provide access to critical job and job seeker information through various technology platforms. By leveraging web and mobile technology, Domestic Help in India is able to scale and engage a wider audience creating greater efficiency for employers and having a social impact on job seekers.

Domestic Help in India is a Gurgaon-based consultancy that uses the web and mobile technology to connect employers and  employee formal / informal sector workers i.e. maid, cooks, drivers, office helper, Servant, Gardener, Couple Servant W&H, Receptionist,  machinist, Sales/Marketing, BPO/Call Center, IT Professionals, Finance, Accounts, Engineers, Secretary, Front Office, HR, Admin, Media /Journalism, Skilled Labor, Unskilled Labor, Hospitality – Hotel, Restaurant -Food Service, Telecommunications etc.

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