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Annu Foundation is a Not-for-Profit Organization, registered under Trust Act 1882 in Gurgaon Haryana India.Founder of Annu foundation is Mr.Harish Kumar Insa who has been working since 2009 for Domestic Help in India ,working in DHI he realize that there is lots of problems working class specially domestic help staff like maids cooks, drivers  are facing in day to day life ,but there is no one to listen there problems .On the other side employers who hires these people  are also facing lots of problems ,here comes a third party who is an agent (domestic staff providers) he or she only interested in their profit .In Gurgaon Delhi NCR  there is thousands of placement agency for maid but a few are working for the benefit for the both party employee and employer .There is a huge demand for professional domestic staff like Governess ,cook,nanny,drivers,patient care at home ,but availability is not up to the mark .for the solution of these problems Mr.kumar register this organization Annu Foundation on the name of his wife Annu Insa ,she is also doing great help for the organizational work .She is also a trustee in Annu Foundation. We provide highly skilled and trained staff for home, office, and corporate offices to take care of the property and other needs of the customers. We offer highly trained and verified housekeeping professionals who have years of experience in their work and give optimum services without any complaint.
We are working for 1.Education 2.employment, 3.Empowerment
Education: our main focus is on Digital literacy .We are educating students house wife (house maker) senior citizens and uneducated people who does not read or write (but they have smart phone)
We are teaching them how to use internet for getting any kind of information that is available for free for their personal and professional benefit.
Employment :  We are helping people who has not access for modern technology for getting jobs .We are employing people in entry level of blue color jobs and domestic help staff like maid,cook,nanny,governess,driver,patient care .

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Annu foundation 
Shop no.6 , 2nd floor
Gangania complex,Sikanderpur Ghosi

Gurgaon ,Haryana,India

Harish kumar

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