For Foreigner and NRI Family Nanny housekeeper maids provider services Gurgaon Services Babysitter, Nurses, Elderly Care 7982724562

IN :- corporate house ,business house, royal family , vip, & residential houses
Specially:- Child care, nanny, governess, patient care, mother care, cook ,
japa maid, nurse , personal attendance , secretary, house manager ( M/F )
Also available passport holder candidate

for foreigner  expats and NRI Families  English speaking Maid, cook, driver, Baby sitter , Gurgaon, Delhi, NCR
We are in the field of domestic help for several years. We provide manpower services like Housekeeping services, maid servant, Maids Services, Driver, Cheff, Cooks, Cooks, Cheff, Maids, Servant, Nurse for your Home, Drivers, ayaa, Pantry Boy, nanny, cooks/maids, nurses,servants,patient care and drivers
DHI consultancy
Mobile NUmber:  nine nine one one two six six seven six seven
One Junction for All Solutions

Now hire Maid,Cook,Nanny
shop no 6 Gangania complex  Sikanderpur Ghosi MG Road gurugram
contact person ; harish kumar

DHI consultancy
One Junction for All Solutions
9911266767 japa maid patient care Baby sitter cook maid male servant in Gurgaon,

Harish kumar

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